Hello Texas!

Today we announced that we entered in to a new partnership with Artisanal Beverage Distributors (ABD) to bring Kukko to Texas (and the U.S.) for the first time.  What a long strange trip it's been getting to this very happy point.


We are very pleased to be able to share that we are making such great progress with a great partner. ABD will help us tap not only into consumers here in Southlake and the greater DFW area, but they will also help bring Kukko Pils to gluten conscious beer drinkers in the greater Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas.  Truly, this is a dream come true for us.

Although we are not yet ready to announce the exact date when Kukko will be available or the great grocery and liquor store brands that have already told us they want Kukko (stay tuned), what we can say is that Kukko is well positioned to reach thirsty Texans across the state in a typically very thirsty season.  Vague, we know, but we promise to have more to share soon and that you will be very pleased.

In the interim, to help wet your appetite, here is an early look at the TTB and TABC approved U.S. can design:

Naturally, the U.S. can will also carry a translated wind energy icon like the one that can be found on the Finnish package, and we will include a new icon approved by the TTB that complies with the "crafted remove gluten" requirement for all products made with gluten containing ingredients. HOWEVER, we would like to again call your attention to the fact that Kukko is completely unique among barley based, gluten reduced beers, as it is not treated with the enzymes that have been chosen by some other new comers to low gluten brewing. Kukko has been naturally gluten free (by European standards) since 2001 and has been certified by the Finnish Coeliac Society for more than 10 years.

Of course, we would be remiss to let you think we only have eyes for Texas. Please know that we have plans to go to other great states soon. We are already in discussions with some great distributors outside of Texas and we promise to keep you informed on our progress. That said, if you want to help us reach a store near you, please reach out to your favorite retailer and tell them you want Kukko!  Or, if you are a distributor located outside of Texas, just click contact to get in touch with us and we'll respond right away.

Thank you for your interest and support.